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Gyeon Q2 Flash
Ceramic Coating 

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3-10 YR Warranty & Guided Maintenance Support

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Mobile Certified Product - We Come to You

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Certified Gyeon Ceramic Installer

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Hydrophobic Properties - Chemical & UV Protection

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Applied to Paint, Windows & Rim Face


What's Included in the Package?

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UV & Heat Protection

Q2 Flash can protect the clear coat from high UV rays and temperatures, this ultimately minimizes the chances of paint oxidation and fading.




Repels Contaminants 

The nature of the coating ensures any contaminants are lifted off the surface, helping protect the clear coat. Q2 can protect against PH levels of 2-14.


Hydrophobic Properties

Q2 helps repel water and dirt on the vehicle. This leaves a slick and shiny finish to all areas of the car when applied.

The Process 

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