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Ceramic Coating


Full Day


Busy Bee is a certified ceramic coating installer - we use a GYEON Q2 FLASH EVO LIGHT coating to protect your vehicle.

This comes with a 3-10 year warranty depending on the maintenance plan you select.

Q² Flash EVO is a unique coating dedicated to Certified Mobile Detailers. Its fast curing formula allows application under various conditions, including outdoors. With great self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties, it will provide chemical & UV protection to any automotive paint.

The one-of formula is designed to bond and cure quickly on any glossy paintwork independently of temperature & humidity. Making it the first coating worldwide that you can apply outdoor.

The process includes:

- Prewash (foam cannon)

- Iron remover

- clay bar

- hand wash

- wheel clean

- stage 1 correction

- Ceramic coating application (paint, windows & rims)

- overnight cure

You will receive a call upon booking to confirm all details

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