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Stage 1 Correction


3.5-4.5 HRS


The stage 1 correction takes place in 4 phases. 

  1. Removing Contaminants - During this phase an exterior car wash, clay bar, and iron remover are applied. Making your paint smooth to feel.

  2. Correcting - Once dried, we use a cutting pad and polish to remove any light scratches and defects. This will bring out the inner gloss and reflectiveness of your car.

  3. Protecting - After the polishing phase, a polymer paint sealant is applied, this boosts shininess, helps protect your car against UV rays, and protects your car from contaminants embedding into the paint. 

  4. When complete, we clean the glass, rejuvenate the trim and apply tyre shine to give the 'new' look to your car.

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